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Laptop Repair

Laptop gone down? Don’t worry! Our qualified, friendly laptop repair technicians will bring it back to life. We diagnose and repair all laptop issues, from simple fixes at outstanding fixed prices to complex recoveries completed at competitive hourly rates.

We’re quick, we’re professional, and we’re convenient. You can come to us, or we’ll come to you. And we don’t charge callout fees. Plus we work evenings and weekends, so you’ll never have to wait for an urgent repair. If you’re near one of our laptop repair shops, drop in and we’ll diagnose most common issues on the spot. Or we can collect, repair, and return your machine to your place of business or your home. Nearly all laptop repairs are carried out on the spot. For all other repairs, we offer a next day service.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Sticky or missing keys? Our laptop keyboard replacement service is the answer. And with a keyboard replacement cost that’s significantly lower than branded or national alternatives, our keyboard repair service guarantees happy customers as well as working machines.

Our keyboard repair service is carried out by qualified, experienced professionals and is suitable for Windows machines. Our laptop keyboard replacement service is quick and convenient. We don’t outsource keyboard repair jobs. And that means you can usually get your machine repaired on the same day.

If we can’t fit you in there and then, we’ll keep the laptop overnight and get it back to you the next day. No waiting around for delivery lorries to return your computer, no communication breakdowns or quibbling about warranties. Just fast, affordable repairs that get you back on your feet when you need them to.

Laptop Screen Repair

Our laptop screen repair service is quick. We are often able to replace a cracked or broken screen on the same day. Our laptop screen replacement service is convenient. You can come to one of our shops, or we’ll come to you. We offer callout repair services to anyone inside the our boundary. From Bardiya to Surkhet, Jumla to Kalikot, we’ll either visit and repair your laptop screen on the spot, or we’ll pick up your machine, take it away, and deliver it back to you at a convenient time.

We can call in at your home or place of business whenever you like: our engineers even work on evenings and at weekends.

Our laptop screen repairs are guaranteed. All new parts fitted by our engineers come with a year’s guarantee. And because we’re local, you won’t have to wait for days for us to get the parts in. If it isn’t done for you today, it will be tomorrow. Our laptop screen replacements are carried out by professional, experienced engineers, who understand that a broken laptop can be a disaster. If you’re panicking about a late project, lost data, or not having anything to entertain the kids with on a rainy day: don’t worry. We’ll have a new screen in and your laptop working perfectly just as soon as you can say.

Laptop Power Jack Replacement

Got no power? No problem. Our laptop power jack replacement service will power you up again. Stat. We provide a fast, efficient, and cost-effective laptop power jack repair service. Prices are transparent and constantly monitored to make sure they stay lower than our competitor's. Repairs are done in-house, so you never have to wait for your machine to come back from a third-party supplier. And we can often complete the fix on the same day you call us.

Our laptop power connector repair team works all over city. If you’re in need of assistance within the our boundary, we’re the people you call. From Bardiya to West Surkhet, we’re here to get you connected again.

We repair laptop power jack assemblies for business and home users. And our engineers can even come to your home or place of business to pick up your machine. You don’t have to do anything except make a phone call. If it’s urgent, we’ll do everything we can to make sure your machine is back with you on the same day, fixed and ready to finish your project. Or keep the kids happy at teatime.

Laptop Cleaning Service

Keep your laptop in good health with our laptop cleaning service. We offer a fast, same-day service for all makes and models. Our laptop fan cleaning services are vital for ongoing computer health. If your machine is older than two years, and has never had its fans cleaned, it’s likely to need them doing.

Your laptop fan is responsible for cooling the vital components packed tightly inside the case. It blows the hot air, generated by the working elements of the computer, out through the air vents. But air isn’t the only thing passing through those vents. Over time, tiny particles of dust and dirt, sucked into the machine by the action of the fan, clog up the blades.

Laptop Fan Replacement

Cooling fan gone? Our laptop fan replacement service is fairly priced and quick. We’ll even pick your laptop up from your home or place of business, and drop it back to you once the fan repair is finished.

The cooling fan is a vital element of your laptop’s heat removal system. It’s responsible for removing the hot air generated by the processor and other parts. In modern laptop designs, air is usually removed from heat sources using a ‘heat pipe’ system, which delivers the exhaust to the fan to be blown out through the cooling vents. Because everything in your laptop is packed together so tightly, a broken or faulty fan is a critical issue.

If your cooling system goes, an expensive laptop can become junk in just a couple of hours. Our fan repair services are here to stop that happening.

Laptop Liquid Spills Repair

Have you spilt tea, coffee, or any other liquid on your laptop? Before we tell you how we can help, you must follow the following instructions to give your laptop the highest chance of survival:

  • If your laptop is plugged into the power, turn it off at the mains and unplug it from the laptop.
  • Power down the laptop immediately by holding the power button until the laptop turns off.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Try to drain as much liquid out of the laptop is possible, and mop up what you can.
  • Put your laptop into an upside down “V” shape. We recommend that you put the laptop on a towel.
  • Contact us, and do not turn the laptop back on (for about three days).
  • We can repair most laptops which have had liquids spilt on them, no matter which make or model your laptop is.

BTG Laptop Repair should be able to help recover your laptop from a liquid spill, for a price that cannot be beaten. Since every laptop is different, please contact us for a free quote where we will give you our best price for your laptop. Our prices include parts and labor. There are no hidden costs, so contact us for a free no obligation quote now.

Laptop Backlight Repair

If your laptop turns on but nothing shows on the screen, there’s a good chance the backlight is out. The backlight in a laptop is the small CCFL bulb that illuminates the screen, usually from the bottom of the screen. The light then bounces off of different plastic sheets, passes through the actual LCD pixels, and displays an image. If this bulb goes out, or if one of it’s critical components go out, the laptop screen dims and it’s extremely difficult to see anything on the screen.

Getting this problem fixed really comes down to a good diagnosis. Where someone might think it’s the LCD or the bulb itself that is bad, sometimes it is the LCD inverter that is the problem. The inverter is a small device that transforms the low voltage of the laptop into a higher voltage – enough to turn on the backlight. In many cases, both the inverter and the backlight are out at the same time. It takes knowledge and experience to find out which part needs to be replaced.

If you have any questions about an LCD backlight repair, or computer repair in general, please give us a call to speak with one of our expert technicians!

Laptop Motherboard Repair

A motherboard (sometimes alternatively known as the mainboard, system board, planar board or logic board, or colloquially, a mobo) is the main printed circuit board (PCB) found in computers and other technological systems. This board controls all aspects of your desktop computer or laptop. Of all of the hardware that is housed in your laptop, the motherboard is generally the most expensive piece, and also the most fragile. On top of being in control of your computer, the motherboard also contains vital data (BIOS) that keeps your computer running smoothly.

If you are having issues with your laptop and you think it is your motherboard, don’t hesitate to bring it in to us. Motherboards are delicate pieces of hardware that can be harmed just from the wrong touch or from electrostatic discharge (Shock you get from rubbing your socks on carpet). With our FREE DIAGNOSTIC services, we will find out exactly what is wrong, and we have the proper training and tools to be able to handle the motherboard safely.

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